About The Nova Foundation

Nova Foundation is a Bangladeshi non-profit social development organization that is direct by Alpha Net. Through our well-planned and effective initiatives in healthcare, poverty, education, the environment, and livelihood, we try to improve society.

  • To improve the lives of poor people, our team members have spread across the country.
  • We are dedicated to the task of transforming Poor people's lives from vulnerabilities.
  • We strongly believe that the empowerment of the rural sector will solve the myriad problems and difficulties of rural life.

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Helping Mankind

As a demonstration of love for all, we serve the helpless, the poor and the oppressed.

Love Our World

We are working hard to create a better environment and a better future for vulnerable children.

Food for Everyone

We can provide various dry food including rice and pulses in poverty and disaster prone areas.

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Our Mission

To create self-employed and self-empowered communities with increased capabilities by providing need-based services and supports like food security, health, sanitation etc.


Our Vision

Nova Foundation believes in bringing change and its vision is to empower people and enable them to help themselves and their communities.


Our Goal

To improve quality of life of the poor and the community people as a whole in order to create a caring society where people will help each other.

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Our Funds and Income sources

  • The journey began with donations and funding from the foundation's founding members.
  • Zakat, Fitra payable to affluent Muslims.
  • Grants from government or private sources.
  • The income generated from any Foundation project.
  • Financial support from public or private sources.
  • Grants are given by the public in a particular sector.
  • Money was recovered in specialized sectors like Qurbani and Iftar.
Expenditure Policy

Expenditure policy

  • Donations are used only in the sector that the contributors support. Money is not transferred from one sector to another.
  • One hundred percent of Zakat fund money is distributed among the rightful owners.
  • After each project is finished, thorough reports of revenue and expenses are kept.
  • A chartered accountant audits the foundation's revenue and expense accounts once a year.
  • A group of accounting professionals oversee all of Nova Foundation's financial operations on a daily basis.
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Helping Poverty

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