Sanitations Can Build A Healthy Society

There are now many places in the rural areas of our country where people do not use toilets or do not have toilets. We can encourage the use of toilets and the use of toilets in all areas of poverty.

According to survey results, poor families in southern Bangladesh account for 28 percent or more of those who do not use clean sanitary latrines.

Sanitations Can Build A Healthy Society
Benefits Of Using A Sanitation

Benefits Of Using A Safe Sanitation

Children's sickness rates will drop, as will the prevalence of an unhealthy society. Those who use clean toilets have Cholera, including diarrhea, Get rid of different illnesses.

  • Reduced risk of diarrhea.
  • Reduced expenditure on medicines and healthcare.
  • Less sickness means less time off work so greater income for the household.
  • Removes the stigma of open defecation, which is undignified and shaming.


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Sanitation In Health Care And Building A Healthy Environment

Sanitation In Health Care And Building A Healthy Environment

Our environment is being polluted due to defecation. It also affects our development.Your valuable donation helps our team members install new toilets.

People who cannot install toilets, You can also easily donate your donation to create a beautiful and healthy environment.

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