Eid & Iftar Gifts to Make a Smile to Helpless People

We still have many poor families who are deprived of benefits. Those who can't eat double food. We can arrange their meals if we want. Before the Eid ul-Fitr prayers are made on the day of Eid, it’s time to pay Fitrana or Zakat ul-Fitr for 2022, the donation of food that ensures those living in poverty can enjoy a staple meal on this Festival of Breaking the Fast.

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Eid and Ifter
Eid and Ifter
Eid and Ifter
Eid and Ifter
Eid And Iftar Gifts For Poor & Helpless People

Eid & Iftar Gifts For Poor & Helpless People

Nova foundation, that has organized Ifter dinners, distributed food packages and aid, and donations of zakat, fitar and other charities.

  • Send your food, clothing and toys.
  • Little grants play a big role.
  • Eid and Iftar gift in depressing situation.
  • Providing Eid gifts and Iftar as well as Fitra


If you or someone you know requires immediate help, please get in touch with us.

Help the Helpless Children and People During this Eid

Your contribution will enable the Nova Foundation to provide an Eid gift to orphans this year. You can bring a smile to the face of an orphaned child for giving them an Eid Gift. Which can deliver necessities including food, clothing and toys.

We always encourage you to donate to Nova Foundation because Your Sadaqah and Zakat, Ramadan donations are an Amanah to us. You can share Your Iftar This Ramadan with other brothers and sisters.

Your Gift Can Save Lives

Your gift will be used to provide help where it's needed most.

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Helping Poverty

Let's join with the Nova Foundation to solve the social problems.

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