Self-dependent Program!

Support the helpless and poor people in Self-dependent project

The life of helpless and underprivileged people is not like other normal ten people. They are constantly fighting to save lives. Nova Foundation has started self-reliance project to stand by these helpless people of the society.
For a long time, Nova Foundation has been involved in various social activities for poor people such as providing essential materials including handicraft and technical training to the unemployed, providing food, Iftar and Eid materials to the needy and poor, undertaking rehabilitation projects for orphans and helpless afflicted people, quality of Islamic education. In order to promote and establish mosques, it has been conducting activities such as providing free books among the poor, including establishing madrasas and orphanages.

Orphanage Children
Orphanage Children
Orphanage Children
Orphanage Children
Nova Foundation - Childern Educational Mission

Self-dependent project Mission For Poor and Unemployed Individuals

Nova Foundation has a Solvency Project which is working for the helpless, underprivileged, and unemployed people. We have started a self-reliance project to support these helpless people in society.

  • Support for the Underprivileged People
  • Raising helping hands for Disasters Affected People
  • Self-dependent project Goal for Reducing Unemployment
  • Providing Food, Iftar, and Eid Materials to Orphans and the Disabled


If you or someone you know requires immediate help, please get in touch with us.
Qurbani Meat For needy people

Participate with us in assisting the Self-dependent in action

Your small contribution is required for the advancement of society and the assistance of the defenseless. You can also volunteer to be a partner in changing someone's life. To submit a donation or donation, please contact us.

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